Your New Community Network

The Community Broadband Networks program at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance has launched a new service with NEO Partners, LLC, to help communities very quickly assemble key cost information to build or partner for a community network.

Broadband Network Plan Customized For You

We will assess the costs for three broadband approaches:

  • Full Fiber-to-the-Premise model
  • Full wireless model
  • Hybrid approach

Along with cost estimates, communities will receive advice and resources most useful to their circumstances.

Prior to making this service widely available, we are starting to work with a few communities to perfect our approach.

If you are interested, contact us

What is Quickstart?

We are pleased to announce a new service called the Community Network Quickstart Program to support communities that are considering deploying or extending their broadband networks. In conjunction with NEO Partners, LLC, we hope to provide communities with realistic options, costs, and basic background for a variety of deployment opportunities.

Our goal is to very rapidly provide communities with some estimates of different network costs as well as recommendations for a realistic plan to improve Internet access. The Community Network Quickstart does not replace a feasibility study or more advanced consulting.

This service will be most useful for communities at the beginning of their planning, before they are prepared to engage a consultant. After engaging with the Community Network Quickstart, a community will be better prepared to engage with a consultant to finalize the plan and build the network.

As part of this program, communities will receive three levels of design: pure fiber to each premise, pure fixed wireless, and a hybrid mix of fiber and fixed wireless.

Designs will show detailed options and costs using vendor independent solutions. Communities will receive best practices documentation and white papers appropriate to their community.

Finally, they will receive a recommended design based on our long experience working with communities.

These studies can be used as the core of grant applications or guide future extensive detailed design studies offered by other third parties.

An extensive overview of the technical content of the designs can be found online here: http://expressoptimizer.net/onlinedoc.htm

How Do I Start

Once a community expresses interest, we will request some basic information from the community, and then schedule an online conference call where we will review the community's results followed by a set of documentation specific to that community.

The cost of the Quickstart Program is set at $1,000 + $0.40 per premise within the study area, with no cap on the number of premises.

If you are interested, please contact us at info@cnquickstart.com.